Crypto Movies Will Replace Superhero Movies: Gordon Gekko Is Coming

Now I would like to take a break and explore how crypto industry influences mass media sphere. I’m not a big TV fan, yet some news still capture my eye.

In the last 10 years there was a lot of superhero movies everywhere. And it looks like the film market has become oversaturated. Just like spaghetti westerns were huge popular during the golden sixties and lost in its popularity later, the same thing can happen to superhero movies soon. People get tired to watch same characters and same plots for 20 years in a row.

Movie industry is powered by real life. As everyone knows, there was a huge market insanity in the 80th in USA. Stock brokers and evil capitalists became the main movie characters very soon according to that.

Maybe we will see a similar Hollywood trend soon?

Crypto movies

Most of us have already heard of Bitcoin Heist, The Rise of Cryptocurrency, Banking on Bitcoin and others.

Even if you are an ordinary person, you might have heard of bitcoin on favorite TV shows or cartoons. Some of them (The Good Wife — Bitcoin for Dummies) devoted whole episodes to cryptocurrency, while others just mentioned it once (Supernatural — Paper Moon) or twice (The Simpsons — Yellow Subterfuge, Clown in the Dumps) during the timeline.

This time Hollywood decided to show cryptocurrency from the other side. Their new film will show the use of digital money for illegal things.

So far this film is known as Crypto. The original storyline was written by Jeffery Ingber and it is supposed to be a Hollywood thriller. The main key of the plot is so-called fud items thrown at cryptocurrency.

When a movie’s description contains both “money laundering” and “cryptocurrency” in one sentence, no bright predictions appear. That’s why I would not expect Crypto to receive anything but negative reviews from the cryptoholders.

Producer Jordan Yale Levine commented the idea this way:

And speaking more about the plot, here’s another quote:

Crypto was directed by John Stalberg Jr (Executive Decision, Limbo and High School).

The cast of this ‘money laundering’ movie is a pretty talented one. It includes Beau Knapp (Seven Seconds, Death Wish), Kurt Russell (Escape from New York, The Hateful Eight), Alexis Bledel (Mad Men, The Handmaid’s Tale), Jeremie Harris (Legion) and Luke Hemsworth. At the moment the premier is set to be the next year.

Reddit vs Twitter

On Reddit, this topic got 90% upvote.

People on Reddit mostly say that the film might be not so bad. The most popular opinion is that ‘there’s no such thing as bad PR.’.

And they might be right. People often get interested in things they were suspended from. Well, sooner or later Crypto will be released and we will see.

And speaking of the movie illegality, the community mostly turns everything into a joke.

At the same time, Twitter shows many negative reactions. I wonder if those users change their opinion later.

New trend coming soon?

Maybe we will see new Gordon Gekko soon? This new one will be an IT and financial genius, the new face of today’s reality. Just like in the 80th, thousands of young people will decide to become traders because of some charismatic movie character…

Looking at some movie character getting rich and succesful in this new IT reality is much more interesting than 200 kg monsters beating up each other, isn’t it?

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