Five Crypto Coins To Consider In 2019

The projects that change lives for the better

the last 18 months, almost everybody on the web has got used to the crypto. And even though for many it is solely the means of financial speculation, there is the other side of the moon.

The true thing is that crypto gives “another life” to existing technologies. It facilitates the crowdfunding process for them and embodies aspirations we have not even dreamt about yesterday.

Yeah, “digital assets” is where the spirit of speculations thrives, yeah, it used to burn some of our optimistic hopes.

Simultaneously, it is not a short-ended line with IT idealists on one side and profit hunters on another. It can boost great ideas that will have an impact on our everyday life and change it for the better.

I am going to tell you about some of these projects.


The Dentacoin token is considered to be the “Bitcoin of Dentistry” and represents a regular ERC20 Ethereum token.

According to the project’s website, its ecosystem unites 190K+ users and 1.8K+ dentists. It is claimed that the project seeks to move the branch from sick care to preventive care.

The coin is accepted as a means of payment by dental clinics in 16 countries. Dentacoin (DCN) is available for purchase with a card through Changelly and listed on the most popular exchanges. Through its applications and engagement of other participants across the globe, Dentacoin aims to target 600 million audiences.

Thanks to the value-generating model, each new participant is adding to the value of the Dentacoin tokens. Using the dedicated review platform with its detailed evaluation of all aspects of medical service, patients are choosing the best doctors.

A new approach to insurance (with the focus on preventive care) is able to revolutionize the dentist service. Smart Insurance Contract allows sharing both responsibility and insurance benefits between patients and doctors. It seems that the Dentacoin initiative and its current implementation have a great outlook.


Have you ever thought of benefiting through keeping your crypto? The same thought occurred to the mind of the group of European bankers. As early as in 2015 they’ve come up with the solution allowing to get an instant crypto-backed loan. As of today, this service is available in many countries and multiple currencies.

The Nexo’s ICO was very successful and raised $52.5m. The main reason behind this success is that the founders promised to pay 30% of the net profits as dividends. As it was planned, now the NEXO token holders are receiving the passive income. Since all voting shares remain after founders, the token price is expected to grow over time. Consider that NEXO is an SEC compliant token.

What is more, NEXO tokens are also accepted as collateral.

The current success of the project and possibilities related to the crypto-backed loan service predict a promising future both for the coin and adjacent fintech initiatives.

Stasis EURS

Here is a stable coin seeking to be “the most collateralized” stable coin on the global level. As far as it concerns stable coins, we’d like to recall that Tether lost its parity with the US dollar. EURS is backed with a corresponding unit of Euro. The asset verification process entails 3 steps which are considered to ensure unparalleled transparency of reserved assets. Blockchain balance is reflected on the project’s website.

EURS can be purchased or traded on such exchanges as Globitex, HitBTC, and Changelly. If you are looking for the ways to mitigate the volatility risk and enjoy the benefit of operation with the digitized asset, you’d probably make a smart choice here.

Interestingly, EURS represents an EIP-20 token. It means that no gas fees are paid whereas you can pay transaction fees with Euros. Founders of the project are focusing on institutional investors. They expect that free transaction between security and EURS will help to overcome the dominance of regular banks. The stable coin is an exciting venture but only the future will show whether they manage to accomplish real parity over time. Let’s stay in the loop!

VeChain Thor

VeChain Thor (originally VeChain) is the name for the whole range of the blockchain-based solutions for various industries (retail, auto, agriculture, luxury goods etc.). It allows tracking goods during the supply (using the smart chip) and verifies their quality, which has special importance for food products.

Recently, the tokens switched from the ERC20 standard to the project’s native mainnet.

The blockchain utilizes the Proof-of-Authority protocol and is able to scale the network to 10 000 transactions per second. VeChain raised around $20 million dollars during their ICO in 2017. As of today, VeChain Thor is ranked number 17 of all crypto. Its market cap amounts to $1.41 bln. The application field for the VeT underlying technology is indeed immense. No other competing project is able to combine similar volume with the possibility to reach the end user. Given the current potential of the VeT blockchain and its perfected working practices, it has every chance to drive positive changes for the whole supply industry.


The idea about the WAX coin is to provide an all-embracing exchange spot for all in-game items. Or, as WAX team puts it, become an “Amazon” of virtual items. According to the concept, every user can sell their goods here. In terms of the backend, it represents a decentralized blockchain-based platform. Upon that, it utilizes a Delegated Proof of Stake algorithm.

WAX team has a successful record with OPSkins, a marketplace for the popular game skins allowing sellers to cash out the money.

Ongoing flaws of the game-related purchases (poor security, high commissions) and severe fragmentation make the need for the marketplace with the easy process a top demand. WAX intends to engage more than 400 mln gamers.

I hope that these brief reviews could bring you closer to some fascinating projects from the world of crypto.

It’s always great when your financial activity does not solely rest on the pure money-making but entails at least minor contributions to a better life, isn’t it?

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